A family owned and operated business Definitive Home Improvements has been serving Nassau and Suffolk counties for more than 10 years. During that time we have developed a reputation for high quality work and attention to detail that is unmatched.                                                                                                                                    Definitive Definitive Home Improvement has over a decade of experience to offer their customers, quality workmanship and a level of continuing growth that sets them apart from their competition. Remodeling services that we offer include Roofing, Siding, windows, Kitchens and baths, Dormers, Extensions, Sunrooms and Basement finishing systems.  We are totally focused on whatever is necessary for our customers to be satisfied with our work.

Focusing On The Job At Hand

While many remodeling firms split their work crews so they can take on as many jobs as possible, we believe in completing your remodeling project before starting another one. If we assign a siding crew to a given job, that crew is dedicated to working only on that jobsite until the project is completed. Focusing on one job at a time is the best way to assure job quality and on time completion

Communication Is Key

The key to any successful remodeling project is good communication between the remodeler and the customer. Any homeowner going through the remodeling process is going to have questions and concerns. The key is to address them before they become a problem. We have full time production managers overseeing all jobs. The primary function of our production managers is to keep an open line of communication with the homeowners. They will address and stop any problems before they start.

Quality in, Quality Out 

We are dedicated to using only the best products in our remodeling projects. We sell and install only the finest products. Any product we use needs a trusted name and a proven track record. If we wouldn't use it on our homes we wouldn't put it on yours. When you hire Definitive Home Improvement you get superior craftsmanship, dependable work schedules and quality products, all at a reasonable price.


Thank You and we look forward to working for you!